Mi Note 10 Pro: Overview


The new device from Mi Note is the latest from this particular manufacturer, which comes equipped with some unique features. As per a recent review, the device offers a virtual keyboard as well as handwriting recognition facility. It is enhanced with the dual-mode kick-type technology, which works on the Android operating system. The device runs on the Gingerbread platform and offers a 5.5-inch capacitive screen with an easy to use virtual keyboard. The phone comes with an impressive six-megapixel camera with an f/2.4 lens. mi note 10 pro

Another feature of the new smartphone is the fact that it offers a large and high definition camera with an Ultra Auto mode. The phone comes with an impressive six-megapixel camera with an f/2.4 lens. The rear camera comes with a 16 megapixel unit and measures it at 9.7mm. The connectivity options on the Mi Note 10 Pro include Dual-mode Bluetooth, WiFi, HSDPA, HVAC, USB and micro USB.

The microSD slot also supports memory cards for the purposes of memory expansion. The connectivity options and the built-in camera allow you to enjoy the high definition videos and pictures. The long battery life of the device helps you to enjoy the multimedia experience for long. The camera comes with an Ultra Wide-angle Camera with image stabilization for taking crisp pictures and videos.

The phone offers you excellent sound quality. It has an audio amplifier that can provide crystal clear sound. In addition, the sound can be adjusted using the front and rear microphones. You can test this out first by downloading the free version from the site and listen to various music tracks and enjoy good music experience.

The Mi Note 10 Pro comes with a fingerprint scanner, which is one of the best technologies implemented in a modern smartphone. The scanner easily recognizes fingerprints and thus protects your personal data. However, it is only available in the mid-range model and hence you will have to pay slightly higher to get this feature. The Mi Note Pro as a mid-range phone is equipped with a nice dual camera – a standard one and an amoled camera with an infrared lens.

The battery of the device lasts for about three hours after which the charge gets recharged. For heavy use, the Mi Note Pro offers about three and a half hours of talk time. The device has a respectable storage capacity of about four gigabytes of RAM and the same for the internal memory. The Mi Note runs on a dual-core processor and hence the performance and speed are good. However, the higher end models come with the octa-core processor.


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